Evonik Digital Research

A joint research project of EVONIK and the University of Duisburg-Essen

Digitized support for competence development in the workplace

Competence development in the workplace requires that trainees not only acquire specialist knowledge at a theoretical level, but are also capable of applying that knowledge competently in practice. These competencies can be developed using learning systems that enable users to organize their own learning processes and communicate with their peers.

Digitization offers a multitude of possibilities for supporting individual knowledge construction and a mutual exchange of experiences. This increases the need in scientific research and industry to design technical support for users in terms of media didactics, as well as to analyze user behavior. The present project funded by Evonik addresses this need by developing and testing modern concepts for digitally supported competence development in the workplace.

Against this background, the Institutes for “Psychological Research Methods – Media-Based Knowledge Construction” and for “Collaborative Learning in Intelligent Distributed Environments” ensure the quality of learning processes by adapting proven media-didactic design principles for interacting with learning content or learning partners (use case: learning videos) and reflecting learning content (use case: learning journals) to vocational training settings. Taking chemistry-oriented traineeships as an example, these design principles are then systematically evaluated through interviews and experimental field studies to test their efficacy and to identify underlying mechanisms. The results of the studies also inform the development of a prototype, which is gradually transferred into application during the course of the project.